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"I have been using your Breath O' Pine product for 10 years. It is the only thing I have found which really cleans everything. I use it for walls, rugs, my dog, floors, and laundry."
Niagara Falls, Canada

"My family has used Breath O' Pine for generations, and with ant season approaching I dread the thought not having the only pine cleaner that keeps my house ant free."
Tilton, New Hampshire

"I am an avid Breath O' Pine fan. Recently, my sister walked into my condo in Maryland, took the cap off my bottle of Breath O' Pine and just breathed deeply...instead of going out with me that night, she preferred to stay home and smell the this habit forming or what?!!"
Elizabeth, Maryland

"I wish I could express to you how much Breath O' Pine is loved down here...I tell everyone I know about it. As soon as I open a bottle and smell the pine, I start cleaning like crazy... it is wonderful. I know you must think I'm crazy, but when you find a product you LOVE, you stick with it. Your product is THE BEST!"
Maureen, Florida